14 December 2011

4 years

Four years ago tonight, I went on my very first date with a cute guy from church. A guy with a dreamy beard around his jawline. A guy that complimented me, and even wanted to talk to me again after I totally blew him off. A guy that called me on his birthday to ask me on our first date. And who answered his phone after I was too nervous to pick up the call. (I mean, just his name on the caller ID made my heart race!) Someone who pursued me, while I played hard-to-get for just a bit. Someone who won me over pretty quickly. Someone who won me over for forever.

This is our first picture. I love it. The dreamy beard. A good hair day for me.


allison said...

So sweet, Kristina. :) Matt and I had our first date 5 years ago last week...although, unlike you and Jeremy, it took us another year and a half to finally take a GOOD picture together. ;)

devon said...

I love it! I'll never forget our pep talks!

Christine said...

I love you guys. And yes, very cute hair :)