30 September 2009

Madelyn Kate

Sweet Madelyn Kate still needs our prayers. She is stable, but on a ventilator in the NICU as the doctor's are unable to determine what has caused bouts of apnea.

Her amazing aunt, who is so in love with this baby girl, even from 8,000 miles away, wrote this prayer. Pray it with her. With us.

Father, You alone formed Maddie. You created her. You designed her every part. You put that beautiful brown hair on her head, her sweet eyes, and cute little nose on her face. You designed her uniquely and perfectly for You. You wove her together, every cell, every organ, every centimeter of her little body. We thank You for her. We thank You for this precious baby You created for You. We praise You for each breath she takes, for each beat of her heart, for each gaze into her mommy and daddy’s eyes. We thank You for the life You have given and for the lives that have been touched through her. We know she is not hidden from You. You, Lord, knew the complications that would be faced before we even knew about this baby girl. You know each and every detail about Maddie’s life. Father, we are trusting in You. We are thankful that You have written each day of her life. We thank You that she is in Your hands. Father, she is Yours and You have allowed us to be part of her life. Continue to strengthen her lungs. Continue to heal her body. Father, restore her. Father, help her to breathe on her own. Father, HEAL her. HEAL her. HEAL her. You are the Healer. You are the Great Physician. WE trust in You. May You continue to draw people close to You through this time. Continue to show Your love, mercy and comfort as we sit and pray for this baby of Yours. We trust in You. We are thankful for Madelyn Kate and the life You have for her. The divine purpose You created her specifically for. We thank You for her parents, Kathryn and Luke and for their love for You. Pour out Your love upon them as they stand next to their baby girl, Your baby girl and wait for a touch from You.

Heal her Father. Heal her.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen

Ask other Believers to pray for Maddie and her parents, Kathryn and Luke, extended family, doctors and nurses.

For those interested, the Madelyn Kate Bilberry Medical Fund has been established at Southside State Bank, 6201 South Broadway, Tyler, Texas 75701, Attn: Amy Green. Please make checks payable to Madelyn Kate Bilberry Medical Fund.

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