15 March 2009

Pi(e) Day

I love traditions. I love holidays and the traditions they allow, but I also love creating traditions that will someday be special to my family. Growing up, we were banned from all sugar cereal, except for our birthday, when we were able to choose whichever sugar cereal we wanted. As the oldest child and a natural people-pleaser, I usually chose my mom's favorite, Cocoa Krispies. I'm sure it was because my taste was very limited; I just trusted that Cocoa Krispies was the best choice. Once I left for college and experienced the "wall of cereal" in the cafeteria, I discovered that my favorite is Cap'n Krunch. Yes, Cap'n Crunch. The cereal that mutilates the top of the mouth until a Crunch Callous is formed.

I know that birthday cereal will be a tradition that continues for my kiddos, but there are others in the works. Yesterday was Pi Day. That's right, March 14 translates to 3.14. So, Jeremy & I celebrated Pi(e) Day, along with our 15 month anniversary. Together, we ran errands, including a stop for groceries. On the list: ingredients for homemade chicken pot pie and coconut cream pie.

Once home, we started cooking. First up was the Best Ever Coconut Cream Pie. The only modification to this recipe was the crust. Both Jeremy & I preferred a graham cracker crust on this pie. Since it had to chill for two hours, we wanted it ready to eat when we were done with our meal. (We both love dessert!) Can I tell you, it was amazing coconut cream pie?

Best Ever Coconut Cream Pie

Next on the agenda was the amazing Chicken Pot Pie. Now, there are quite a few steps to this masterpiece, and it usually takes me a little longer to cook a new recipe. Thankfully, Jeremy enjoys cooking, and we really like being in the kitchen together, so division of labor helped on this one. We made a few modifications: added sauteed mushrooms, fresh rosemary, and fresh thyme; we also used store-bought pie crust. After an hour of chopping, seasoning, and cooking, and an additional hour of baking, we pulled it out of the oven, and attempted to carefully eat it without causing third degree burns to our mouths.

The finished product.

The yummy inside.

Our next celebration is just around the corner; we're having an Irish meal for St. Patrick's Day. It's so much fun to have traditions scattered throughout the year! It adds a spark to a dull or frustrating week. Do you have a tradition that you enjoy? What tradition would you start?

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Sam said...

I try to avoid traditions because once you traditionalize something, then it becomes a burden. Something you might otherwise have enjoyed can have the joy sucked right out of it just because of the feeling that you have to do it. But that's just me.