03 November 2014

knit together

Hi, friends. I have some news to share. Actually, we have some big news to share:

(As a reminder: Jeremy proposed while we played LIFE, so we figured it was totally appropriate to announce this part of our life using the game.)

(Full disclosure: the square really says, "Adopt Twins." You'll see my finger is strategically placed. Not that we can't or won't adopt twins. But we didn't want mislead you.)

(Even fuller disclosure: our sweet friend, Michelle, took these pictures for us one Friday evening. There are a couple with our faces actually in the picture--perfectly off-set for text to be added, but for some reason I didn't see any need to brush my hair. There was a need. And Photoshop can only do so much. Therefore, you have a picture with our fingers.)

November is Adoption Awareness Month, and we're so excited to share about our growing family. We signed our papers with a consultant agency close to two months ago, and we're in full swing with all things adoption. This month on Instagram is a campaign called #knittogetherbyadoption. As part of this, there a daily topics. I'm hoping to share throughout the month, detailing our process and sharing about why adoption is important to us. Since a couple of days have already passed, I'll combine a few topics. And probably would, any way, since posting daily isn't likely.

I can't remember a time in my life when I haven't been impacted by adoption. I have friends who are adopted and friends who have adopted. I've worked with orphans and with children in foster care. In fact, adoption is so important to me that it was a topic on our first date. I knew that I couldn't marry someone who wasn't open to adoption, so there was no need to move to a second date if we didn't share this conviction. Since our first date was going so well, I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out that Jeremy is fully supportive of adoption.

For both of us, adoption is important. We believe that if those in the church proclaim to be pro-life, then they must also be pro-adoption. The first cannot be a reality if the second isn't offered. Jeremy and I feel a calling to step in and help birth parents who sacrificially place their child for adoption. We know that others aren't called to adopt, but there are other ways to participate in an adoption: praying for a family, running errands for a new adoptive mom, cooking dinner for the family, participating in a fundraiser.

For us, adoption has always been part of our plan. We're excited that it's now a reality.

This was huge for us. We'd talked about adoption since our first date, seven years ago. The first decision we made was that we would pursue a domestic, infant adoption. If you're unaware, there are hundreds of adoption agencies. It was a little difficult to know if we were making the best decision. Because I follow several adoption advocates and adoptive parents via Instagram and blogs, I was somewhat familiar with adoption consultant agencies, so I began researching these.

We decided that a consultant agency would be the best fit for us. Rather than applying with one agency, a consultant agency works with multiple agencies and dozens of attorneys. Basically, they have more birth moms and there's often less waiting time. I contacted the first consultant agency, but I felt that the communication from the agency was lacking. I waited several days between sending an email and receiving a reply. I decided to Google "adoption consultants."

The first or second result was for Christian Adoption Consultants. I did a little research on their website and decided to request more information. Y'all. Within an hour, their Texas consultant CALLED me. Like on my phone. I decided that this would be the consultant agency for us. We submitted our paperwork and initial payment. We've emailed back and forth, and a phone call is always an option. I feel like I'm not navigating this huge process alone. (And just to clarify, I'm not doing this alone; Jeremy is by my side. But my strength is paperwork and organization, so it makes sense that this part of the process is "mine.")

So that's our plunge into adoption. We're super excited. And we love that our family and friends are excited, too. We love hearing, "Congratulations!" just as we would if announcing a pregnancy. We love hearing about how adoption has impacted even more than we'd realized. So, if you have a story, please share. If you have a question, please ask. I'm excited to blog about this over the next month.


Kendall, CJ and Hudson said...

Congratulations Kristina and Jeremy! Will be praying and following your journey!

Liz said...

That is soooooooo exciting!! Congratulations!

Christine said...

YAYAYAYAY! So happy for y'all, and can't wait to be on this journey with you. xoxo

allison said...

Oh Kristina! I actually got tears in my eyes when I saw the pic (even just with your finger). I don't have words strong enough or perfect enough for the joy I feel for y'all. So excited to walk the journey with you (as much as possible from a million miles away) and watch a VERY blessed little one become your son or daughter! Love you. ��

michelle said...

I am so excited for you and Jeremy. It is a joy to see this dream and prayer become reality- step by step. I am with ya, sister! Love you always. Can't wait to be called Auntie!

Linda said...

So, so proud of you two and so anxious to meet the blessed child God will provide. Your Meme & Papaw must be looking down smiling with pride. We pray not only for you, but for the biological parents who will make the right choice. I love you! Mom

Kristina said...

Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments. We're so happy to share this part of our lives with all of you. -kw